Sunday, October 11, 1998

Silence II

In the classroom,
silence is obedience
in the classroom,
silence is 
quite unusual)
To an outrageous proposal,
silence is sophisticated 
corporate strategy.
In a world
of teeming millions,
Silence is pregnant.
Silence is living.
It can be hurt and even injured; 
Silence can be angry, shocked,
apologetic, wary or passionate.
Silence is non-living.
It can be cold, it can be warm.
Silence is Golden!

Silence was in the beginning
and silence will be
The End.

Saturday, October 10, 1998

Silence (or Guidelines for the Perfect Wife)

Her silence means yes
but her silence can also mean no.
That’s okay.

her silence is acceptance.
her silence is usually
bland and uncomplaining.

When he accuses,
her silence is contrition.
When he bullies,
her silence is resentment.
When he begs, 
her silence is dominance.
When he boasts,
her silence is tolerance.
When he argues,
her silence is rebuttal.
When he praises,
her silence is complacence.

When he lies,
her silence is disapproval
Or sometimes conspiracy.

When he falls,
her silence is empathy
Or sometimes scorn.
When she suspects him,
Her silence is cynicism.

When he’s upset, 
her silence is comfort.
When he’s neglectful,
her silence is reproach.
When he’s unreasonable,
her silence is restraint.
When he takes charge,
her silence is benign.
When he’s loving,
her silence is gratitude.
When he’s happy,
her silence is peace.
When he’s sad,
her silence is compassion.
When he’s angry, 
her silence is fear.
When he batters,
her silence is a prayer.

When he’s silent, 
her silence is respect.

When he speaks, 
her silence 
is sufficient.

Thursday, October 1, 1998

Hospital liquids

saline in drip
urine in bedpan
pus in wounds

tears in eyes.