Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pune bakery gyaan

Pune bakery gyaan, after several years of painstaking research:
Persian Bakery, Kolsa Galli : pitta bread, black bread, focaccia (fondly referred to by them as ‘Italian chappati’).
Imperial Bakery, Poolgate: their whole-wheat cheese papris are just fantastic, their rot and coconut biscuits are also pretty good.
The bakery at Poolgate after Imperial Bakery and Chandan kiranawala whose name I can’t remember: best naan bread in the city.
Diamond Bakery, Bhairobanala: the best ever brown bread, multi-grain bread and mava cake.
Royal Bakery, MG Road (the south end, before the One Way starts): plum cake – ultimate.
City Bakery Pune MG Road, open after 4pm only (these products deserve A*, gold medal and Sahitya Awards): nut biscuits, flan (also known as pig’s ears), cheese fingers and of course Shrewsbury. They also have new products like chocolate-chip cookies which are pretty good … and, all much better than what you get at Kayanis, and served with great wit and good humour, traditional Irani style (unlike the bad-tempered Kayani staff). I used to love Scottish shortbread but prefer their Shrewsbury any day.