Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ode to a Bakery

So the other day I wanted some biscuits
Not just ordinary biscuits, mind
The biscuits I was craving
Had got to be light and crisp
Oozing with butter
Packed into square boxes
Immediately after they had cooled
Straight from the oven.
But it was morning!
What to do?
I was craving them –
And so were all my Bombay friends!
So I had to buy not one box but a dozen!
I phoned City Bakery
(Which opens for retail sale on weekday afternoons)
“Yes, you can come,” said Salamat Irani.
I rang the bell, he opened the door, I entered.
The door stayed open, just a sliver, behind me.
An elderly gentleman eased his way in,
Opening the door slightly more.
Two fat ladies entered
Chatting away animatedly
About the last dentist appointment
While they waited their turn.
A group of children came in
Then someone’s driver
Soon there was a big crowd waiting.
They had appeared mysteriously
Gravitated to the open City Bakery door
(Which stays closed all morning, every day)
Like ants when you drop a few grains of sugar.
Patient but eager,
They waited for their biscuits,

While my boxes got filled.

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